About us

Multiplemadé is a gallery that organizes exhibitions and collaborates with artists to create multiples: prints and objects produced in affordable editions. We work with  artists who are either established or up-and-coming and create exclusive, special edition pieces for young, new and experienced collectors alike. 
To bring together creators and collectors, Multiplemadé organises various exhibitions at two adjacent gallery spaces in the center of Amsterdam. Multiplemadé also supports and stimulates a new generation of artists by offering residencies in the gallery itself.
Founder Madé envisions a world in which art is accessible to a wider and younger audience. “My aspiration is to provide artworks for an affordable price for everyone who is curious to own or to collect. I want to bring good art from talented artists that doesn’t cost 10.000 euros ”.
All the artworks carried by Multiplemadé are signed and numbered by the artist. All editions are available online as well as in the gallery itself.
Collect an artwork
If you are interested in purchasing a piece of art and would like some advice, please contact our (professional) art lovers at: collect@multiplemade.com
We're happy to help!


27 November 2020 | PAROOL | Lisa Konno
11 September 2020 | NRC | Multiplemadé
4 September 2020 | PAROOL | Quentley Barbara
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Visit our gallery spaces
Prinsengracht 615 H 
1016 HT, Amsterdam 
The Netherlands
(+31)6 416 445 11
OPEN: Thursday- Saturday from 12 - 6pm    
Multiplemadé 2:
Prinsengracht 645, entrance The Frozen Fountain 
1016 HV, Amsterdam 
The Netherlands
OPEN: Monday - Saturday from 12 - 6pm 
For appointments contact: info@multiplemade.com
We ship worldwide. 

Madé by Paul Kooiker

Multiplemadé:  Prinsengracht 615 H

Multiplemadé, extra exhibition space. Prinsengracht 645, entrance at The Frozen Fountain