Satijn Panyigay

Satijn Panyigay (b. 1988, NL) is a photographer
Satijn Panyigay photographs the emptiness and silence in abandoned places. In her photography, Panyigay plays with the contrasts between light and dark, cheerful and gloomy, strength and vulnerability. Underneath the surface of these sober interior images are subjects such as transience, loneliness and restlessness, but also withdrawal and wonder about the beauty of life. Her photographs give you room for contemplation.   
Panyigay has participated in group exhibitions at Fotomuseum Den Haag, The Hague, Museum Tot Zover, Amsterdam and Villa Mondriaan, Winterswijk. In addition her work has been exhibited at several art fairs, including Art Rotterdam, Art Amsterdam, Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam and Amsterdam Art Fair. She has had the following solo exhibitions: Paradise|wasteland at Van Krimpen Gallery (Amsterdam, 2012) and (Living) room at Gallery Caroline O’Breen (Amsterdam, 2019).