Heidi Ukkonen

Ukkonen (Sweden), is a visual artist based in Antwerp. Her work consists mostly of paintings that explore themes of the mundane. She playfully deforms animations that live the life of a modern society. With materials like acrylic-, oil- and spray paint she builds textures to her works, resulting in darkly humorous works that merge optimism with hopelessness. Through a trial-and-error work method, her thought process starts at the end of each day, bringing colour, explosiveness and humor in her work. Inspired by the works of Philip Guston, Henri Matisse and Hieronymus Bosch, she brings her audience in a world of transformational contradictions, in which the usual becomes unusual, and pain becomes humor. 
Ukkonen graduated cum laude in 2015 from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp in painting. Ukkonen has co-founded her own gallery under the name “Showhouse JayJay”, and has exhibited in a great number of galleries and online exhibitions. During the lockdown caused by Covid-19, she organized #showhouseartcall, an instagram exhibition showcasing artworks over social media.
A series of small editions by Heidi will be launched soon!

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