Now on view: 'Shreds of Eve' by Jitske Schols & 'Temporary Living Units' by Veron Urdǎrianu

'Shreds of Eve' is a life-sized series of poetic portraits by Jitske Schols

Anyone who studies history learns the coherent stories of fathers, sons and husbands. We can only form an image of women by stringing together some shreds and threads of stories carelessly scattered around. 'Shreds of Eve' is a series of poetic portraits that emphasize the fragmentation of her-stories in history.
All portraits are carefully and lovingly composed by Schols. From various fragments of photographs by the photographer herself, found footage, drawings and digital paintings, piece by piece new portraits of women were created. They represent the number of untold or disjointed stories of women throughout history. With ‘Shreds of Eve’ new primeval women -Eves of shreds - arise to encourage the viewer to rethink history and tell future stories from an equal female perspective.
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Temporary Living Units by Veron Urdǎrianu

Especially for Multiplemade, Urdǎrianu made a series of “Temporary Living Units”; idealistic and utopian architectural solutions as well as thought-experiments for temporary housing for the homeless and residents of war zones. “Temporary Living Units” challenge the traditional form of buildings by being ‘houses of the mind’, adapted towards the temporary, changeable and mobile desires of the contemporary resident. The sculptures imagine, in times where many people are searching for a home, the urgent need for non-conventional structures that can be quickly assembled, moved or dismantled. “Temporary Living Units” are a fulfilment of a desire to admire them as art works by the artist himself.
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